Welcome to the occasional Ruby Mae Jewelry Blog! I'm writing about the steps I've taken to start this small business, the folks I meet along the way and occasionally about my mom Patty Mae & my dad Jake.  

Thank You & Graduation Gifts

Check out these pieces created and purchased as thank you and graduation gifts.    

Mothers Day Gifts

I thought you might like to see all of the fun pieces bought & created for Mothers Day Gifts. All hand stamped charms are made by my dad Jake.  

Junk In The Trunk Recap

The Junk In The Trunk Vintage Market on May 2nd & 3rd was an incredible show for a lot of reasons. We had record record breaking attendance at 15,000+ shoppers. The weather inside was comfortably cool and the event was incredibly well organized. I LOVED the live music atmosphere all weekend long. Set up was […]

Business of Fashion at ASU

Founded in 2013, Business of Fashion at ASU is the University’s largest fashion resource, providing a community for students who plan to enter a career in the fashion industry. The organization is dedicated to educating students about the business fundamentals of the fashion industry. Members are given the opportunities for creative and professional development through […]

Dimes Were Hard To Come By – Photos

These photos are from the 1st Edition  hard bound copy of Dimes “Were Hard To Come By” written and published by my folks Patty & Jake Jacobson. I’m sorry I could not include page numbers but the two books don’t have corresponding page & picture numbers.The photos are in order and I tried to include […]

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Junk In The Trunk Vintage Market September 2014

Last Saturday we had record breaking numbers attend the Junk In The Trunk Vintage Market at WestWorld. VIP’s entered at 7:30am followed by early entry for $10 at 8am and general admission at 10am. There was live music & yummy food trucks. The atmoshere was electric. I’m guessing 10K people attended. If your coming to […]

Big Heap North Photo Album

The BIg Heap North festival was this past weekend & it was fantastic. Sister Jen & were among a variety of vendors and of course we were booth neighbors. We enjoyed working along side our fellow vendor friends Jenny Kuller of Red Head Sadie, Mary Rita, Kristen Marcus of Moonstruck Vintage & Lilia Corona of […]

Good Times @ the Button Convention

Looking at this photo, would you believe this is my Happy place? I know it looks quiet and is skewed to the elderly, but I don’t care. What these people are looking at is AWESOME. This was my 4th year attending the AZ State Button Convention held at the Hilton Garden Inn located on Avondale […]

Medieval Buttons Are Totally Cool

I couldn’t resist taking a class on medieval buttons and how they were discovered. It was totally fascinating. It was presented by Janelle Giles . She has been collecting Buttons for over 40 years and she has a popular Facebook page called Button Central. Some time back Janelle was in Paris for work. She went outside […]

The Arizona State Button Convention Is Coming To Town

If you’re looking for something fun & different to do on Valentines weekend, consider coming to the annual button convention hosted by the Arizona State Button Society. I’ve attended the last two years & I’m always on the hunt for unusual, old & expensive buttons. It’s so fun to find them. I love it. This […]

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