Victorian Buttons Bracelets


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This lightweight, small one of a kind Victorian Buttons Bracelet is truly one of a kind. The small red button is tinted metal. The gold one on the end is mirrored below the scroll work.

I think it’s fascinating to wear buttons that someone else wore hundred+ years ago. I’m a no harm button artist so I do not harm or damage any of these valuable pieces.

The hand stamped charm is by my dad Jake
It’s made & ships from Arizona. It measures up to 7.5 inches from end to end and the chain is meant to be a tad too long so the bead dangles from the end. There are 15 moving items on this piece including the four card suit buttons.

It ships next day first-class USPS mail within my fabric Velcro bag. US $4.25, Europe & Canada $16.85

This is a stock photo of the pouch so sizes may vary.

I will name it on my website gallery after the woman who wears it.


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