Junk In The Trunk September 2015

Friday, September 18, 2015 – loaded & headed to West World in Scottsdale


My booth was 30ft x 15ft – my biggest one ever


I was two rows from the entrance on the main aisle. Perfect location. I have the same spot for the next show in May.


My husband Scott had the idea that mannequins could be at a party talking about me or my jewelry. I bought these four gals from Pearl Mae’s Resale in Phoenix in the Melrose district. I also borrowed their vintage clothes from Pearly Mae’s. My sister Jennifer styled their wardrobe & my jewelry and I made their thought bubbles. They will be coming back to the next show but in a different set up. Hopefully with the addition of a fella. It’s an honor they got picked to be in the New Times.


Our Button Girl mannequins were a hit. Folks took photos with them all day long, both days.


On Saturday, my dad Jake made a special guest appearance.Tanners video crew interviewed me & I snapped a pic with them & dad. Isn’t little Ruby (bottom right) super sweet?


After my Sunday morning Channel 3 interview, people like Robin (top right) got in their cars and drove down to meet me & buy the Hole In My Heart charms that I explained about during the interview. It was very touching to hear the stories about their lost loved ones. I couldn’t have done this show without my Button Girl helpers Jen, Chantal, Aimee, Bev & Tori. Michelle & Robin were my tear down crew & I needed them too. It definitely takes a village to put my show on.



A big thank you to Coco Milano’s for generously donating this gift basket for our email sign up giveaway.


These are a few of the pieces scooped up during the show. I’m so happy they have new homes.


My son Avery created display cases from the 1920’s basement windows I brought home from my Montana adventure with my dad. I found them in Fortine, Montana. They worked out really well.



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2 Responses to “Junk In The Trunk September 2015”

  1. Ellen Persik

    Saw you on TV. Went to Junk in the Trunk and found your booth. Hopefully sometime in the near future we can display a few pieces of your button jewelry at Birt’s Boutique at Benevilla in Surprise, AZ.

    • Hi Ellen,
      Lovely to meet you at Junk In The Trunk. I never could have predicted that the Channel 3 interview would strike such a nerve. Happily orders are still coming in for the Hole In My heart charm. Thank you for reaching out. You’ve been on my mind. I will email you about your shop. Take care, Leah

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