Button Cable Holders



Button Ponytail Holders

These ponytail holders are super simple to make and can be a great gift.

Suggestion: Select pretty buttons with large shanks on the back. Shanks are the loops or hooks on the backside of certain buttons.

Supplies Needed: Dental floss-waxed works beat, ponytail holders from any store, buttons with shanks on the back


1: Cut a strip of dental floss about 6″ long.

2. Put the floss thru the ponytail holder & then gather the two ends together. Next, thread the floss & ponytail holder thru the shank on the backside of a button.

3. Pull the ponytail holder thru the hole enough so that you can pull the other end thru your now new ponytail holder loop.

4. Release the dental floss from the loop, pull the ponytail holder tight & voila, you have a ponytail holder.


As seen on the Fox News 10 Morning Show 

Button Bobby Pins

The key to this craft is selecting really pretty buttons with a shank on the back that the bobby pin can fit through.

Supplies Needed:

Sturdy bobby pins ( I like the ones from Sally’s Beauty supply)

Pliers (for pulling the bobby pin tight)

Pretty Buttons

Directions: Simply put the bobby pin thru the shank and pull it all the way to the end. Some shanks are too small and can’t fit a bobby pin. Once you get the bobby pin thru the hole, you might need the pliers to get the button all the way to the end of bobby pin.

Vintage Dresser Trays

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 8.12.37 AM

These cloth trays are perfect for your dresser or bathroom counter. Set jewelry or perfume bottles on them.

  1. Carefully remove the glass from the tray
  2. Cut fabric to match the size of the glass or cardboard that comes with it
  3. Use Elmers or fabric glue to attach cloth to glass or cardboard
  4. Carefully slide fabric board back into tray

Picture Frame Trays

These can be used to decorate & add texture to your coffee table. I will also use them to display my jewelry at events. I made them for a recent party and I got a  lot of compliments on them. I tried making them w/o the glass but the fabric wouldn’t stay in place.

First, I used large pliers to remove the kickstand from the backside. You want them to lay totally flat.

Next, I slid fabric between the glass & the backside.

Voila, a fabric tray is made.

Tip: Chunky picture frames are more interesting to work with. Also, you could do this with any size picture frame.

Button Gift Wrap Ideas

Just a few ideas on how to incorporate buttons into your gift giving needs. Be sure to tell your recipient where the buttons came from and if they have a special meaning to you. These buttons have hooks or shanks on the back that I was able to draw lace thru. Next, I attached them with safety pins to the lace on the package.

Button Magnets

This is an option when you have broken buttons missing their shanks on the backside

Button covers have been around for a long time but they seemed extra popular in the 1990’s. I remember because I wore them.

Button covers are perfect for this craft because the magnet fits right into the hole on the backside.

If you don’t have button covers, large, cute, new buttons make fun magnets too.

*It’s best not to harm vintage buttons, they are not making them anymore.

Supplies Needed:

Small magnets from Joanne’s or Wal Mart or any craft store

E6000 glue

jewelry pliers

wire cuter or a small tool to cut metal

and possibly a metal file if your magnet is too large to fit into your button cover.


1. Cut the backside door off of the button cover using  the wire cuter.

2. Use pliers to remove the hinged door. You will have to wiggle it back & forth to break it free.


3. Place a dot of E6000 glue inside the button cover.

4. Place magnet inside the button cover. Let dry 24hrs.


More DIY Ideas

I use vintage punch bowl cups to sort & organize my trinkets. These cups fit in drawers & would be great to organize your make up too.

Cake Topper Cracker Bowl

I turned a cake stand topper upside down & used a plant stand from the patio.


Name Tag Button

Here’s an easy way to personalize your gift. New, plastic buttons work best.

Simply use a non permanent ink marker to write their name on a plastic button, safety pin it to the lace & voila, something sweet.

If they want to reuse the button, they can just wash their name off of it.

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