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Maria Theresia Thaler is probably one of the most famous and well known coins of the world.This round button depicting the profile of Maria Theresia is a duplicate of the coin. It polishes like it’s sterling silver. However, there are no hallmarks or stamps on the backside. So, I’m considering it to be silver-plate. I’ve yet to find another button exactly like it on the internet or in my Big Book of Buttons. Coin is shinier then appears in photo.

The history of Maria Theresia is very interesting. According to Gary Brockman, a button expert & successful button vendor, here’s a brief history:

“This button depicts the Austrian Empress Maria Theresa (whose youngest child was Marie Antoinette). This image is very similar to an Austrian coin that was originally issued in the second half of the 1700s. That particular coin was very popular in trade with the Middle East. The coin was produced for many years but always carried the original date year; the non-English-reading Arabic people on the receiving end of the second years’ production of coins refused to accept them because the new date made a difference in the design and the recipients were concerned about counterfeiting, so the Austrian mint just kept producing them with the original date.
This button, probably made in Europe for the domestic market, could have been made any time between the late 1700s and the onset of World War I. It could be silver or it could be silver-plate.”

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