Victorian Lacy Black Glass Button Vintage Queen Victoria Era

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Victorian Lacy Black Glass Button

This gorgeous button glistens in the light and is in great condition. The texture actally feels like fabric. Lacy black glass buttons were popular during Queen Victoria’s era and became popular in the mid 1800’s.

Glass buttons first appeared in the 1500s but did not become popular until the mid-1800s, entering their heyday after the death of England’s Prince Albert in 1861. Queen Victoria, in deep mourning for her husband, wore nothing but black, including black buttons, until she died in 1903.

Fashion of the late 1800s dictated black buttons as the rule for those who wished to follow Victoria’s lead. Queen Victoria’s black buttons were made of carved Whitby jet, a gem material closely related to coal and of similar organic origin. Jet buttons were very expensive, but buttons made of black glass became a popular, much less expensive substitute for jet.

This button was appraised by a member of the button society as being valued between $60-$80.

Condition: Very Good

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