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* 2018 Arizona State Button Show

The annual button show hosted by The Arizona State Button Society did not disappoint. I met up with friends Nancy & Vickie at the Hilton Garden Inn in Avondale. I was on a tight schedule and didn’t get to attend any of the mini classes they offered. We enjoyed  searching for treasures together. We all have our favorites. The .

* Button Book

The time has come that I learn more about all types of buttons. While at the Phoenix Button Convention in February, Gary Brockman, a well known button dealer told me I should look in Mary Doyle’s copy of the Big Book of Buttons to gather more research on the new 18th century buttons I had just treated myself to.  I had never heard about .

* Buttons Tell A Story

To me, buttons tell some ones story & I like to hear hear it. I love anything monogrammed & I discovered these Mother /Daughter ones w/ the initial “W” on them. (1 large & 1 small button are called mother daughter. If there was a 3rd size, they would be grandmother/ mother/ daughter buttons) They will soon adorn my .

* Tipping My Moms’ Jar

                                  These are my moms’ buttons, buckles, pins, thread & even a watch face. My two sisters & I recently went thru her things & sorted all her items. She passed away last Christams, 2011 & we were just now ready to do it. She .