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Sterling Silver – Small


These charms make a nice gift for your friend or loved one who has lost someone special to them. My Dad Jake creates each one by hand. He stamps, stains, polishes and buffs them

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small sterling silver hole heart.jpg

Do you have a hole in your heart from missing a loved one?

This item was created by my dad Jake who misses my mom Patty Mae. He hand stamps, stains & polishes each one by hand.  He thought there might be more people like him who have a hole in their heart.

This 1/2″ Sterling Silver charm comes with an attached jump ring and polishing cloth.

***These charms are handmade and this is a stock photo.

Each charm receives an 8 step hand polishing by my Dad Jake. Since this item is a hand crafted item, the actual charm may have the heart placed slightly higher on the disc. Just like our own hearts, they are perfectly imperfect.

Ships with a small polishing cloth, next business day 1st Class USPS Mail

Photo is stock picture & disc or wording might have slight variations



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